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Guiding the Success-Driven to Financial Well-Being

Headquartered In State College, PA, Serving Various States Across the Nation

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Welcome to J. Gordon Financial Services

Trust. Proven. Results.

Our mission as a firm is to create, oversee and maintain a wealth strategy aligned with your unique goals. In creating solutions personalized to your needs, we seek out opportunities within your wealth picture to expedite your success and lead you to long-lasting prosperity.

Here’s a Closer Look at What You Can Expect From Our Relationship

We Cultivate


Serving as a fiduciary partner to you, our clients understand that we operate with a legal responsibility to always provide advice in their best interest.

Our Process Is


Our customized approach means we develop solutions entirely tailored to your needs—all through a strategic process we’ve vetted over years of experience.

You Get


The results you want to achieve are our priority. Through our services, we continually refine your plan to keep you on track for success, as you envision it.

Gain a Personal Partner Through the Entirety of Your Financial Journey

We believe successful financial guidance is not just reflected in the numbers but in our clients’ understanding. For this reason, our services are rooted in a personal relationship and a commitment to your financial clarity. As we work together, rather than use complex industry jargon, we simplify concepts and work collaboratively with you. Our goal is to make sure you feel clear in the decisions you’re facing and the options we’re considering.

Serving as your advisor means not just providing expertise—but helping you experience true financial confidence.

Making Your Vision Possible Through Customized Wealth Planning

Learn about the financial professionals committed to your ambitions.

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